Klein & Associates also specializes in educational therapy and development. Headed by credentialed educational therapist and licensed special education teacher Joan Klein, we work hard to address and remediate learning challenges that prohibit students from reaching their full potential. These issues can include learning differences and related disorders including dyslexia, ADD, processing deficiencies (auditory, visual), critical thinking issues, compromised reading comprehension, organizational difficulties, language processing disorder, subject-specific weaknesses (i.e. math, vocabulary, spelling/grammar, writing, etc.), time management, and emotional or behavioral problems (related to low self-esteem, anxiety, etc.).

Clients can participate in one or more program, and we customize these programs to meet the needs of each child.


  • Strategies developed on an individual basis for reaching educational goals, including study and research skills
  • Local school placement, with assistance through the application process
  • Customized plans created to foster school readiness and academic proficiencies
  • Development of reading comprehension, oral and writing skills
  • Specialized assistance for autism spectrum disorders
  • Review of Individualized Education Programs (IEP)
  • Expert Study Team Meeting support
  • Strategies to address social and behavioral issues
  • Approaches for improved organization and time management skills
  • Support in all areas helps bolster self-esteem and confidence

Additionally, we are trained providers of Fast ForWord® and The Listening Program™

Fast ForWord®

A family of programs that quickly enhances the foundation of cognitive skills required for reading and learning and enhances attention and memory skills.

The Listening Program™

A music-based auditory stimulation method that trains the brain to improve the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn, and communicate and manage ADHD disorder.