We provide a wide-range of services to children, teens and young adults all geared toward the same outcome: to identify the best solution for our client’s needs, be it educational, therapeutic or just generally to support him/her in becoming a healthy, fulfilled, productive person.

During the assessment process, we determine the root causes of the challenges facing our clients. The issues run the gamut; gifted students may crave more inspiring and demanding environments; those with learning differences, ADD, motivational and organizational issues and/or developmental delays might need more individualized attention or different approaches; those with mental health issues including depression and anxiety, substance abuse and/or family-related problems or those who have survived traumatic experiences could require therapeutic treatment before deciding on next steps.

Klein & Associates has the expertise and credentials to identify the “right” solution for each person’s particular challenges. Our recommendations may include local, national or even international opportunities when appropriate — and you can rest assured that we have reviewed each place and/or provider in person, within the last year. From advice on schools (day, boarding, etc.), summer options, and other recreational or educational programs to recommendations for therapeutic approaches including wilderness programs, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and/or behavioral care facilities, we consider all the angles when it comes to developing your personalized plan of action with both short- and long-term solutions.

Finally, we stay in close communication with you and the entire team involved with your loved one every step of the way, supporting not only a smooth transition to the school, practitioner or program, but also when it’s time to return home – and all points in between.


Case Management

  • Treatment team coordination and leader
  • Weekly communication with professionals working directly with your child or family member once he/she is placed
  • Frequent communication with family as needed
  • Ongoing transition planning prior to completion of the program, and management during transition and beyond, if desired
  • Next steps treatment planning


  • Thorough review of academic abilities and needs, social/emotional assessments and extracurricular hobbies and interests
  • Test data analysis and interpretation
  • Educational assessment, including interviewing teachers and other education-oriented professionals and recommending testing if needed
  • Psychological assessment with all current and past treatment providers
  • Determining if other professionals (i.e., therapists, substance abuse counselors, etc.) should be considered for treatment team

Planning for success
School, program, & services placement

  • Researching options and opportunities for best outcomes – local, national and even international – traditional to alternative.
  • Creation of a custom plan that considers specific factors that foster/inhibit success and delivers actionable short- and long-term goals
  • Ongoing support throughout the application and selection process
  • Assistance in hand-picking therapists and/or facilities, when needed