Klein & Associates is a full-service Therapeutic Educational Consulting practice dedicated to helping children, adolescents, adults, and families make positive connections for successful development. Owner Randi Klein, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, travels the country and beyond tirelessly assessing a wide range of educational and therapeutic programs, practitioners and institutions – from day schools to boarding schools, wilderness and adventure programs, residential treatment centers and alternative learning options. This first-hand knowledge informs our practice and allows us to make insightful, innovative recommendations that expand clients’ horizons, help heal educationally and therapeutically and provide options they may not otherwise consider.

Because every individual has his or her own unique set of strengths and challenges, Klein & Associates develops a personalized plan from assessment to placement and then provides ongoing case management. This empowers not only the client but also his/her family, nurturing the development of educational, emotional and social well being and ensuring ongoing success.

Klein & Associates is an independent consulting firm that is unaffiliated with any educational or therapeutic programs, institutions or professionals that are recommended to clients. There are no referral fees or other compensation coming from those parties. This means that Klein & Associates works ONLY FOR YOU. The “right fit” for the most successful outcome for your child or loved one is our primary and sole motivation.




Randi Klein is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Clinical Counselor, certified school counselor and Therapeutic Educational Consultant with nearly two decades working with students and families to identify and create educational/therapeutic opportunities and open doors to more positive, healthy lifestyle choices.
Joan Kleinis a professional educational therapist and licensed special education teacher with over two decades of experience. Determined to provide even more support to students, she also began professionally consulting in 2010 after realizing this was an under-serviced area.


What are indications that my child could benefit from Educational Therapy?

Many parents notice from an early age (preschool and younger) that their child frequently has ear infections, experiences difficulty staying interested in a task for more than just a few seconds, continually asks for information to be repeated and has language delays. These are the early indicators that your child might require educational support.

What is a Therapeutic Educational Consultant?

Though they can be very expensive, our experienced consultants will work with you to limit the amount time and money invested in determining the right placement by precisely helping to select the appropriate school/program. This will ultimately expedite the support process while limiting additional obstacles for your child.